fun in west vancouver, wa   2006

scenes from west vancouver, washington,  including vancouver lake  2006


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 sitting in-side the vancouver lake, on a HOT 80f/26.6c day.  the water is still cool, 65f/18.3c  west vancouver,  wa  05/30/06   in-side the vancouver lake, faceing towards mt. st. helen's still covered with *snow* in late may.  the last u'll see of this car.  the next day,  I gived it away.  07/31/06
getting some fresh air on a HOT day at vancouver lake park.  07/24/06 trying to stay cool on a very HOT day,  95f/35c in the shade at vancouver lake park.  west vancouver,  wa the official clark county out-house.  imagine what its like in-side when its 95f out-side!
gasoline prices in vancouver maul area,  orchards,  wa  08/02/06 eating the sushi @ "oishi sushi",  vancouver,  wa  08/02/06 no enter!  them traffic teeths will bite!  near columbia river,  west vancouver,  wa  09/12/06
 standing on hwy #501, west vancouver on the way to french-man's bar park on the columbia river  09/12/06  in front some sharp traffic teeths. you can go forward, but never back-ward, other-wize u'll get a serious puka tire!    I got my own place to sit, 1 little tree for shade, -n- 1 electric meter all to my-self.  west vancouver,  wa  09/12/06


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