waikiki, oahu  2006

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 standing next to "ray" in central waikiki,  HI  02/04/06  sitting next to a "makua and kila" sculpture in east waikiki,   HI   side view of the "makua and kila" sculpture
yellow hibiscus flower in central waikiki, oahu,   HI    waikiki beach from the east end of waikiki standing in front of waikiki beach on a cool 75f/23.9c day
standing next to the duke kahanamoku statue in central waikiki stretch leemo on kalakaua ave, central waikiki,  how much miles to a gallon this thing gets? standing next to pond in-side the paris' hilton hawai'ian village,  west waikiki   02/04/06 
kalakaua ave,  east waikiki garden near the paris' hilton hawaiian village,  west waikiki  water-fall in-side the hyatt regency hotel, waikiki,   HI 02/10/06
"playing tourist" in front of the hale' koa hotel,  (hotel for the u.s. military)  west waikiki,   HI  02/04/06 the postal office in west waikiki,  on a saturday after-noon in-side the inter-national market place, central waikiki,   HI  02/04/06


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