ho chi minh museum - saigon - viet-nam

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  young couple having wedding pictures take, in-side stair-way of ho chi minh museum 10/23/04 american military air-craft out-side the museum, saigon, viet-nam  on the 2nd floor of the ho chi minh museum,  it is NOT air-conditioned, itis HOT -n- HUMID here.
 exhibit of the cu-chi tunnels used by the north viet-na-meze during the war-time posing with a viet-na-meze army papale'  I dunno if it is north or south.  in the back of the museum.  notice the plumeria trees on the right side of picture
exhibit of ancient viet-na-meze musical instruments.  No need battery's or power.  vintage rajio collection reel 2 reel tape decks  (u'd have to be as old as me to remember that)
 standing in front of exhibit looking out-side the window of the musem at the city of saigon  viet-nam in war time exhibit


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