down-town  saigon - viet-nam

also known as "ho chi minh city"

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  flying over the viet-na-meze country-side, a few minutes before landing  en approach to landing in saigon, viet-nam  10/11/04 a few seconds away from landing at the saigon (tan son nhat) air-port
near the rex hotel in down-town saigon standing in downtown sai-gon  mr. chau's brother in law with his family in a BIG dept. store in down-town saigon 
 standing in front of the buu dien main (postal office) in saigon, viet-nam  10/22/04 the main postal office at nite 5:55 pm  10/22/04 sitting down in-side the buu dien
 old church at nite in down-town saigon.  time exposure  cooling off on a HOT day (90f/32.2c)in the BIG wave pool, saigon water park  an assortment of water-slides at the saigon water park
 large fancy building in down-town saigon standing in front of a boat shop  saigon rush hour traffic on a good day


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