ltd summer picnik 2006

vernonia, oregon  08/13/06

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  chau and his daughter, thao vi at the intel summer picnik, west vernonia, or  08/13/06  chau feeding thao-vi a hot-dog for lunch kim-than and husband eating the shave-ice.  (it wuz more like crushed ice)
 steve krut and wife waiting for lunch at the picnik rafael and wife enjoying a drink mark vosseller hangin' out in the tent eating some pop-corn
bruce olson and family haveing lunch out in the HOT sun  (about 88f/31.3c -n- sunny) mike maynor and family ready to eat the lunch  the mighty "mo" and family enjoying the picnik lunch
 frank deabreu and family ready for some lunch trang bui and son trying to stay cool in-side the tent.  leo shepsis eating fresh corn with family  08/13/06
 sitting down with anna and her sister in law takeing a ride on the water slide on this HOT day  chau and thao-vi takeing off on slide,  which is also laced with baby shampoo to increase the slippery factor.
 getting some HIGH speed on this slide ready for some lunch  mina and family is very hungery today


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