vancouver, washington  2005

scenes from vancouver, and down-town portland, oregon

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 hanging out in-side the food court @ the vancouver maul in vancouver, wa  12/12/05 the owner of the ochar's thai-land-neze food in-side the vancouver maul  12/12/05  vancouver maul, hello-ween nite  10/31/05
lucky the puppy, orchards, wa 11/15/05 hello-ween pumpkins all lited up in orchards, wa  10/31/05 a car went huli by the 4th plain rd in vancouver, wa .. have no idea why, it wuz 37f -n- dry  12/17/05
standing next to a vintage plymouth satellite in orchards, wa  (I only can keep dreaming, really) 11/15/05  the christmas tree in-side the pioneer court-house square.  an extremely COLD nite in down-town portland, or  32f/0c  12/17/05 down-town portland from the pioneer plaza, looking south on 4th st.   portland, or  12/17/05


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