tina - thi ngo, of saigon, viet-nam

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 family from the usa comeing over to viet-nam for a visit  nice orchid flower arrangement family picture on a bamboo bridge
having dinner with family hangin' out at my friends shop in 2004  my american relatives visiting viet-nam
 attending my niece's wedding attending my niece's wedding my niece is getting married
 standing on a metal bridge tet 2009 - year of the cow  celebrateing tet - 2009
 in front of a old chineze coin, dressed in blue  sitting with a rose decoration  purple coloured clothes for christmas - 2002
playing around a roland piano - 1998   ready to eat some fruits  sitting down, back in 1999
 standing next to niece at the saigon air-port   working out at home  working out at home
  standing next to tall chair  standing with my niece - 2006 in front of a toy store - 2007


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