south-side kauai   2006

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  haveing lunch with kent(left) + mike(right) in puhi, kauai. 02/15/06   hamburger steak plate lunch from mark's place: $6.50,  puhi, kauai  a well kept yard in lawai, kauai,  HI  02/16/06
the rolling hills of lawai, with the kukui-o-lono crater in the back-ground  standing near-by brennecke's beach park,  poipu, kauai 02/16/06  poipu beach, looking towards the west
 petrol/gasoline is 1 of the most expensive in the world on kauai, down-town koloa   02/16/06 north-bound on hwy  #520 poipu beach park - poipu, kauai 
inter-section of hwy #530 + #520 in down-town koloa, kauai  02/16/06 the state bird: "the rooster"  poipu, kauai,  HI  pau hana traffic, west-bound in west lihue on hwy #50.  it still is a 2 lane road in -n- outta' lihue


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