santa cruz, ca  2007

santa cruz beach, board-walk, pier in northern california

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walking near the board-walk at santa cruz,  ca   05/25/07    roller-coaster on the santa cruz board-walk the entrance to the board-walk at santa cruz beach   05/25/07
amusement park on the board-walk, santa cruz beach,  ca  05/25/07 hanging out at the board-walk at santa cruz beach.  they are celebrateing 100 years of existance.     a partly sunny friday after-noon at the board-walk.  65f but temperature dropping rapidly
the sign at santa cruz beach says NO alcohol, NO puppy's, NO diving, NO ball playing.  should juss' say  NO have fun. standing out-side "neptune's kingdom" on the santa cruz board-walk.  the santa cruz board-walk area, from the pier.  no-body is swimming today, the water is only 57f     05/25/07 
 mail-box made to look like the star warz r2-d2 character  former olympic champion swimmer duke kahanamoku used to hang out here back in the 1920's - 1930's  parking no come cheap in santa cruz.  during the summer months it'll set you back $1.50 an hour
sitting down on the pier at santa cruz beach,  ca   05/25/07  hanging out at santa cruz beach, notice the palm trees, this is definitely NOT oregon beaches!   this is the official weather report for the santa cruz beach.
standing in front the "bahia apartment complex" no, not some-place I'd wanna live in.  standing by a change machine for parking money.  it will actually dispense $1.00 coins  king chwan chineze restaraunt in santa cruz, 1 of the very few there.   05/25/07


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