down-town san francisco, ca  2007

down-town san francisco, from market st. and view from twin peaks

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 cruisin' through the financial district on coloumbia/montgomery st. between all the HIGH buildings the intersection of market st. -n- stockton st in down-town san francisco   05/21/07  market st. in down-town san francisco.  no, you ain't gonna find $155.00 t-shirts -n- $250.00 jeans @ that ross store there!
doing some serious shopping on market st.  that is a ghiradelli chocolates package. takeing a break in front of bloomingdale's.  this is where u'll find $155.00 t-shirts -n- $250.00 jeans!    street musician makeing percussion music outta'  5 gallon buckets.  very creative for low budjet music
walking up a very steep hill, near-by to the haight-ashbury area in central san francisco  market st. looking towards the east, down-town san francisco  market st. looking towards the west, down-town san francisco
  the new section of the west-field san francisco shopping centre  05/21/07 in-side the san francisco shopping centre, where the old emporium capwell store used to be    city hall building in central san francisco,  ca
looking towards the north of san francisco in the late after-noon sun on twin peaks.   05/20/07    sitting down at "twin peaks" look-out with a view of down-town san francisco.   at about 900 ft elevation, it wuz about 50f/10c   looking towards the south of san francisco from twin peaks, yeah the wind chill factor must have been very close to 0f.
down-town san francisco, 2.5 miles away from twin peaks look-out north-bound on us hwy #101  just passing by the SFO air-port.  san bruno,  ca  05/19/07 barreling south-bound on us hwy #101 towards san jose,  passing by monster park, brisbane,  ca   05/22/07


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