san francisco, ca  2006

san francisco, china-town and part of the bay area, california

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 the view from the oak-land inter-national air-port.   the city of san francisco is visible far away    in front of the best western sunny-vale inn,  sunny-vale, ca  06/03/06 sitting down in the middle of union square, down-town san francisco  06/04/06
the yahoo corporate head-quarters, south sunny-vale,  ca  06/04/06  sitting on the "hearts of san francisco" exhibit, painted by the great artist, tony bennett, union square, san francisco  06/04/06  no can hear no evil, no can see no evil, no can speak no evil.  grant st.  san francisco,  ca
the gate-way to china-town in san francisco,  grant st. + bush st.  06/04/06 standing next to a "pay toilet" in china-town, san francisco.  it'll cost you $0.25 to use it.  california charges you for every-thing. standing in back alley of china-town, san francisco.  a cool day:  66f in the shade.
 street musician on grant st.  china-town, san francisco,  ca  06/04/06  looking north-ward on grant st. china-town, san francisco catholic church in china-town, san francisco
cruisin through grant st. china-town, san francisco grant st. china-town on a sunny sunday after-noon   66f/18.8c -n- windy  06/04/06 standing next to a gasoline/petrol price sign for a uno-cal station on stevens creek blvd.  santa clara,  ca 06/05/06


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