San Francisco 2004

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on a hill in pacifica, CA  07/03/04 toll booths @ san mateo bridge (hwy #92)  $3.00 for west-bound travel a happy puppy, "maile" in fremont, CA
 the old emporium capwell store, down-town san francisco, ca on the golden gate bridge, north san francisco  (cost $5.00, south-bound) july 04 traffic on golden gate bridge
medical clinic in china-town, san francisco,  CA Grant St.  San Francisco  hearts in san francisco,  market st.  down-town san francisco
pier # 43 1/2 .. b-b-b-but why? quarry lake in fremont, ca  cost $7.00 juss' for an after-noon swim - 07/05/04   inter-state #80 west-bound into san francisco

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