inter-state #5, washington   2007

road trip from portland, or  to vancouver b.c.   320 miles on a good day.    june 30, 2007

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 inter-state #5 north-bound in down-town jantzen beach, oregon.   it is still 168 miles away from seattle.  inter-state #5 near wood-land, wa  still a long way to go to seattle and vancouver b.c.    06/30/06  toutle river rest stop along inter-state #5, mile-post #54.  it wuz a warm day  73f -n- sunny. 
inter-state #5 north-bound, near the city of kalama,  wa    06/30/07 am I cruzin' of what? even at this speed,  it still tooked 7 hours to get to richmond b.c. canada    juss' passed the little town of long-view, wa but still a long way to seattle.
fender bender on inter-state #5 at chehalis, wa   south of centralia   pulling into a rest-stop at federal way, wa.   it's always nice to have some-body to watch the car. standing next to some "honey buckets" at the federal way rest stop.  no, there ain't honey in there!
  the down-town seattle sky-line.  the HIGHEST building is the columbia tower, 967 ft. high, 76 story's  standing next to a famous BIG puka tree, at a rest-stop north of marys-ville, wa  06/30/07  the inter-national boundry of the USA and canada, should be at the 49n. latitude.  (very far north of rock creek, oregon!)


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