sea-tac -n- tukwila, wa   2007

sea-tac -n- tukwila, washington (south of seattle)   july 03, 2007

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 inter-state #5 south-bound, goes right under down-town seattle.  07/02/07  in front of the 1 star sky-way inn in sea-tac hotel.  looks great on the out-side .. BUT  I would NOT recommend it!     07/03/07   in front of the sky-way inn in sea-cat, wa   this is the main hwy #99.  sea-tac,  wa   07/03/07 
standing in parking lot at the tukwila shopping area on a HOT 85/29.4c black cat fire-works stand in tukwila, wa   you can burn MORE stuff here in washington then oregon    fry's electronics store in north renton,  wa  it is off exit #5 of inter-state #405.   07/03/07
 great wall shopping maul: a whole bunch of asian stores here, foods -n- goods.  tukwila,  wa   07/03/07   in-side the great wall mall.  east tukwila,  wa   07/03/07 sitting in front of the manila grove filipino restaraunt.    07/03/07
   standing in front of the "pho to chau" viet-na-meze restaraunt in-side the great wall maul.  holo-holo hale' lua,  on hwy #167 south-bound through des moines, wa  07/03/07 centralia out-let mall centre. its called centralia, it is 82 miles from portland, or -n- 82 miles from seattle.  wa    07/03/07


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