rock creek,  oregon - winter 2007

scenes from the BIG snow of 01/16/07   3 inches fell on this day here in the metropolitan  portland, oregon area.  snow at c-level in oregon is a rare thing,  though the mountains have it every day.   

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standing in drive-way of rock creek 185 apt. complex in 3 inches of fresh-ly fallen snow.   01/16/07   holding a bunch of fresh show, it has the consistency of "shaved ice"     standing in front of "rock creek 185" apt complex sign after a BIG snow.
standing next to a "christmas tree" at rock creek 185 complex.  33f/0.5c -n- cold today.  standing on rock creek blvd. notice the steep hill in back of me.  a few cards just had trouble climbing hill. holding a whole bunch of snow,  rock creek,   or  01/16/07
standing next to duck pond in rock creek 185 pt complex tree branches covered with snow  volks-wagen barg covered with snow,  a cold day in rock creek,  33f/0.5c in the shade!
standing on n.w. 185th ave, over-looking hwy #26 west bound.  rock creek,  or 01/16/07 a "tvfr" fire-truck backing up, fully chained on all 4 wheels.  they were extremely buzy today.  01/16/07 bethany park system, full of snow.  kids is sledding, makeing snow-men's. east rock creek,  or  01/16/07
 standing on rock creek, blvd,  the gate-way of the town of rock creek, oregon   01/16/07 a winter wonder-land at rock creek, oregon  01/16/07  christmas season at home in rock creek, on my right side is a fiber optical tree, on my left is a hawai'ian norfolk pine  12/11/06 


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