rock creek,  oregon  fall 2006    #2

scenes from rock creek, oregon -  13 miles west of down-town portland, in the month of october of 2006,  just before the weather starts going bad.   this is near to where I live in oregon.


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 a good day for a bike ride: 65f/18.3c on the rock creek trail, which goes from rock creek blvd to cornell rd.  west hills-boro,  or  10/01/06    rideing a bike under the hwy #26 bridge.  this is what seperates rock creek from hills-boro.   10/01/06   the rock creek trail continues on, south of ever-green park-way, on this board-walk.  hills-boro, or  10/01/06
a view of hwy #26, looking towards the west, over the rock creek trail.  since this is a sunday, traffic is lite.  the rock creek trail board-walk, with railings, right over a swamp.  hills-boro,  or  10/01/06 next to ever-green park-way, the rock creek trail goes through this.
a fall day at rock creek,  58f/14.4c -n- partly sunny, almost peak time for fall colours    rock creek, or 10/17/06 gettin' some fresh air, at home in rock creek,  or  10/17/06  on the east side of the rock creek 185 apt. complex on a fall day.  10/17/06
maple leafs are turning colour, rock creek, or  10/17/06 a warm day in rock creek,  71f/21.6c -n- sunny.  this wuz the LAST nice day, before the weather turned bad.  10/22/06   trees on north side of the rock creek 185 apt complex.   10/22/06
 papa'a hale' - burnt house on s.w. 185th ave.  I dunno how it got burned.  aloha, or  10/16/06 standing next to the papa'a hale',  in aloha, or  10/16/06  papa'a hale' on s.w. 185th ave,  aloha, or  (2 months later, it still stands)


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