rock creek,  oregon  fall 2006    #1

scenes from rock creek, oregon -  13 miles west of down-town portland, in the late summer, early fall of 2006.  this is near to where I live in oregon.


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 a good 65f/18.3c in late august, by some hale' lua's in rock creek soccer park.  rock creek or  08/30/06   mandarin chicken salad by wendy's for lunch.  home at rock creek, or  08/30/06  standing next to a honey bucket, north hillsboro, in the west tanasbourne strip maul developments.  north hillsboro, or  08/06/06
a BIG apple tree, next to the christmas tree farm in west rock creek.  it muss' be apple season here.  09/27/06  standing next to douglas fir christmas tree farm. this is how christmas trees are grown.  I probably live about 5 miles away from here. kneeling by some douglas fir trees on a christmas tree far.  north rock creek,  or 09/27/06
fishin' can be hazardous to your health, here in bethany lake park because of the over-head power lines  09/27/06 standing next to bethany lake park.  not really swim-mable .. havent seen any-body go in-side yet.   north rock creek,  or  09/27/06 standing in bethany lake park on a warm, early fall day,  80f/26.6c in the shade.   north rock creek, or  09/27/06
 standing next to a large hay-stack in west rock creek    09/27/06 a hale' lua in the bethany lake park,  north rock creek,  or   bethany lake park,  near down-town rock creek  (nw 185th ave is the road going through here)


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