rock creek, oregon 2005

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  christmas lites at the gate-way of rock creek, or  12/17/05  standing next to apt. complex directory, very eazy to get lost here  07/19/05 rock creek 185 staff cookin' some picnik food for pool party   07/10/05

watering the plants at home, in rock creek, or  07/19/05

 a cool fall day in rock creek, or  48f/8.9c   11/08/05  move in day, in-side new apt.  3rd floor   06/01/05 
almoss' fully moved in!  06/22/05  a clear -n- SAMUI day at the jantzen beach shopping centre  30f/ -1.1c    12/17/05  *snow* in rock creek, or  12/18/05
 this is all it takes,  2 trucks at the inter-section is stuck, no can go up thy hill on nw 185 ave.  12/18/05 *snowing* in rock creek, or  12/18/05  *snowing* in rock creek 185 apt complex.  it would be a nice time to swim, really!   12/18/05


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