n.w. portland, oregon  2007

n.w. 23rd ave,  alphabet district,  north-west portland, oregon   

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 a blue house, is how a lawyer's office, alphabet district, n.w. portland,  or  08/14/07  a house that looks like a "castle" in alphabet district.  a brick apt. buildling on nw 23rd ave.  juss' like good ol' san francisco:  NO PARKING!!
 standing next to a very old RED fire hydrant on nw 23rd ave on a very HOT 89f day. psychic tarot card reader, in brick apt. building.   in front of small furniture store
 faceing towards the north,  mt. st. helens is barely visible on this picture.   hangin' out on nw 23rd ave, alphabet district.  08/14/07  music millenium store is going outta' business on august 31, 2007.  juss' like many other cd/record stores.
   nw 23rd ave, alphabet district area, north-west portland, or  08/14/07 standing next to a famous BIG puka tree, at a rest-stop north of marys-ville, wa  06/30/07 tv/rajio antenna's on top of west hills,  the tops reach about 2000 ft. elevation (above "c" level)   


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