honolulu + kaneohe,  oahu,  hawai'i   2007

 scenes from honolulu, kaneohe, oahu, hawai'i   october  2007

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 gas/petrol prices at the chevron at ke'eamoku -n- s. beretania st.   lower makiki, oahu    11/03/07 sitting on the wall at ala moana beach.  this is the place I go do my long beach swims standing in front of ala moana beach on a warm 84f november after-noon    11/03/07
ellie -n- gang, down-town honolulu, oahu    11/03/07  in between joni -n- ellie, for dinner at down-town honolulu    11/03/07 playing the piano at ellie's home    11/03/07
haveing coffee at the star-bux in-side barnes -n- noble, ala moana shopping centre  haveing dinner at compadre's,  mexican style food  with joni, jenny -n- dale.  kaka'ako,  oahu,  hi    11/01/07 haveing desert at compadre's  .. ah a few 1000's of calory's  but what the hell!
standing in front of "haleiwa joe's" restaraunt,  haiku, oahu    11/02/07 the view of haiku, out-side the haleiwa joe's restaraunt standing in-side the haleiwa joe's restaraunt.  open to the out-side.
the hawai'iki tower, 404 pi'ikoi st.  all lit up. kaka'ako,  honolulu,  hi    11/01/07 at home #1, in-side the court-yard garden area, kaneohe,  oahu,  hi    11/02/07  32 oz cut of prime rib at haleiwa joe's.   yeah,  I wuz able to eat the whole thing!    11/02/07 
playing around daddy's fish tanks at home #1 a single orange fruit on a small growing tree, at home #1, in kaneohe,  oahu,  hi    11/02/07 in front yard of home #1 in kaneohe 
in front of a pond at ala moana beach park.  the neiman marcus building of ala moana shopping centre is behind    10/20/07 standing in bank of hawai'i parking lot, down-town kaneohe,  oahu, hi    10/18/07 at the honolulu inter-national air-port, ready to take an all niter flite back to portland, or    11/04/07 


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