various oahu pictures - 2006  1/2

I wuz in honolulu, HI  july 02 - 18, 2006

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 kailua, and the mokapu peninsula becomes visible here.  about 10 minutes to landing at the HNL inter-national air-port  07/02/06    the honolulu inter-national air-port is barely visible here through the clouds  barber's pt -n- the campbell industrial area, west side oahu
the old ewa beach town and the new ewa,  west oahu over the campbell HIGH school in down-town ewa beach    30 seconds from landing,  right over the iroquois pt. houseing in pearl harbour.
shopping at neiman marcus is a lotta' fun, at the ala moana shopping centre 07/02/06 gasoline/petrol prices at ko'olau chevron.  kaneohe bay dr.  (hwy #630) kaneohe, oahu,  HI  07/16/06 looking towards down-town kaneohe on kam. hwy (hwy #830) on a summer day.  notice the sun is almoss' verticle.
hangin' out at nancy's house, new-town, oahu,  HI  07/16/06  makeing the long walk from the inter-island terminal to gate #33, about 1/2 mile on this HOT 86f day. haveing chineze food lunch with ellie -n- the gang,  golden eagle restaraunt, mo'ili'ili, oahu,  HI  07/09/06


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