oahu, HI  2006

  pictures of various parts of oahu, ala moana, home in kaneohe, etc

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standing next to orange tree, growing at home in kaneohe, oahu,  HI   02/07/06  standing next to pa-pa-ya tree (a break-fast fruit) in front yard, home in kaneohe     sitting with naoko, long lost cousin (our great-grand-paw were brothers), from fukuoka, japan.  ward wear-house, kaka'ako,  HI 02/20/06
celebrateing birth-day at the kin wah chineze restaraunt in south kaneohe, grand-maw nishimura in the back-ground   02/07/06  grand-maw nishimura at the kin wah restaraunt in south kaneohe, oahu,  HI mililani cemetary,  south mililani,  HI 02/07/06
playing the piano key-board at down-town honolulu  02/03/06 aloha tower, 184 ft high, made in sept. 1926.  it wuz the 1st sky-craper made in honolulu  02/10/06 moon-lite at honolulu harbour  01/31/06 
thai-land-neze food at the ala moana shopping centre food court,  ala moana,  HI  01/30/06  ala moana shopping centre 2nd floor, south end  01/30/06 japaneze themed garden in ala moana shopping centre  01/30/06


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