mosier twin tunnels trail,  or   2006

the mosier twin tunnels were made in 1921, then dis-continued when inter-state #84 wuz made in 1954.   re-stored in 1995 for pedestrian and bi-cycle traffic only.  it wuz the primary way of going from portland to "the dalles", oregon

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 the history of the mosier twin tunnels,  this used to be the primary way of going between portland, and "the dalles", oregon   09/04/06    the west end of the mosier tunnels trail, in hood river.  it wuz extremely hot here:  95f/35c   hood river, or   view of the city of mosier, and inter-state #84, faceing towards the east
standing on the mosier tunnel trail.  camera faceing towards the city of mosier  view of the columbia river,  looking the west from the mosier tunnel trail.  18 mile island is to the right, inter-state #84 is on the left side   the old columbia river hwy,  now is a hike-bike trail.  no motorized vehicles allowed.  it runs from mosier to hood river, some 5 miles long
entrance to the mosier tunnel, east end, the old columbia river hwy. in-side the mosier tunnel from the east end, see the "mile 72" marker on the left side.  09/04/06 sitting in-side the mosier tunnels.  it wuz about 88f in there, but the wind-chill factor bringing it down a little bit.
 the "72 mile" marker in-side the tunnel.  it has to be 72 miles from there to down-town portland  the rock catchment system.   them falling rocks would give you a serious tankobu or puka cabeza, not fun at all   09/04/06 out-side the rock catchment system.
the mosier tunnel trail, west of the tunnels  09/04/06 look for the potential of falling rock(s) the city of mosier has a population of 430 peoples  09/04/06


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