mary-hill museum of art,  wa   2006

the mary-hill museum of art, building started in 1914,  finished in 1929 as a museum,  then opened to the public in 1941.  since flash photo-graphy is NOT allowed in-side the museum,  takeing pictures is an extreme challenge! 


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 standing next to a european painting in-side the mary-hill museum of art.     painting at the mary-hill museum of art.  sorry, I no can remember exactly who, when, -n- where it wuz done.  picture of indians trying to catch a buffalo     09/05/06
what in the .. sam hill?   all about the man who made the mary-hill museum of art -n- the stone-henge memorial (3 miles east of here)   sculptures by auguste' rodin on the ground level of museum.   ground level hall-way of museum
chess exhibit at the museum RED -n- white chess set a few "heads" in-side a display case
 the main room of the mary-hill museum of art.  since flash photo-graphy is NOT allowed, picture takeing is a extreme challenge!!     09/05/06 stnading next to a "eve" statue out-side the museum, it looks more like a federal penitentary.  it wuz a very HOT day:  93f in the shade!
 the museum building wuz 1st started construction in 1914,  became a museum in 1929, opened to public in 1941 a metal puppy sculpture out-side the museum.  this is the best kinda animal to have, no need feed or water or clean up after! the mary-hill museum of art building, viewed from hwy #14,  faceing towards the south.  09/05/06


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