kauai, hawai'i during december   2008

 spent 1 week on the island of kauai dec 12- 19, 2008.    outta' 7 days there, it rained for about 6,  couldnt do too much out-door activity's there,  actually rain'd there MORE then oregon,  juss' that it is much warmer.

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playing a 9 ft concert grande piano at the kauai community collge auditorium.   puhi, kauai,  hawaii    12/12/08 kent -n- mary at home in niu-malu,  kauai hule-malu rd. on a rainy winter day on kauai    12/12/08 
standing in front of the historic kauai county building,  made in 1912.  its a warm 71f winter's nite in down-town lihue, kauai,  HI    12/16/08 christmas lite display in front of the kauai country building   watching the sun-set from out-side the tian-jin bin-hai inter-national air-port    05/04/08
christmas at kent's house in niu-malu  sitting down at the computer with my trusty ol' bag of m -n- m's.  home in down-town lihue    12/14/08 couldnt be any more down-town then this in lihue.  the "big save" super-market is out-side my kitchen window.  73.6f in-side,  74.5f out-side    12/17/08
headed up north on hwy #580 for the opaeka'a falls,  2 miles up this road opaeka'a falls with a lotta' water.  it had beenth raining almost every day for the past week.  north wailua,  kauai    12/17/08 sitting on the railing of the world's famous opaeka'a falls look-out,  off of hwy #580
driving the BIG frontier "family beach truck"  on hwy #581 on the back roads of north wailua. cruisin' around in down-town kapa'a.  standing next to a hwy junction sign tha's rusting from the HIGH concentration of salty air.    popo's cookies,  1 of the better cookies made on kauai.  waipouli,  kauai,  hi    12/17/08
kilaueau pt. lite-house,  made in 1913, is now part of the kilauea pt. national wild-life refuge.   it'll cost you $5.00 to visit the place. standing in the front entrance,  look-out for the kilauea lite-house.  kilauea,  kauai,  hi    12/17/08  kilauea on a late after-noon.  bali-hai mountains are visible from here.  this here is about 24 miles away from home in lihue.
 standing in front of the entrance to the kilauea lite-house national wild-life refuge "chao", the kong lung neighbor-hood cat.  very friendly.  when you whistle to it,  it comes a walkin' to you.  south kilauea,  kauai    12/17/08 a stuffy toy xiong-mao in the kong lung store.  kilauea,  kauai,  hi  12/17/08
ahukini pier,  abandoned since 1950 as a harbour.  now used for fishing, picniks.   standing on ahukini pier near a rusted shelter on the lower deck of the ahukini pier,  climbing on the new-ly constructed stair-way 
hangin' out on the renovated ahukini pier.  hana-ma'ulu beach is visible behind.  is it swimmable from here to there?   12/18/08  ahukini beach, on the other side of the pier.  a bit too rough for swimming. a delta aero-plane on final approach to lihue inter-national air-port.  very close to ahukini pier.    12/18/08
this is the tug used to push the plane out.  a hawai'ian air-lines parked out-side.  this is the 1 i take back to honolulu.   lihue inter-national air-port,  ahukini,  kauai,  hawai'i    12/18/08 ewa beach lites.  on final approach @ 250 miles an hour or so.  you can see that we are moveing really fast!


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