lihue,  kauai,  hawai'i   2007

 scenes from lihue, na-wili-wili,  niumalu,  kauai  (with various hotels in the lihue metropolitan area,  prices subject to change)   october  2007

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aerial view of anahola, kauai from the aero-plane, about 12 miles away from landing at lihue inter-national air-port    10/21/07 passing by kapa'a, kauai  about 8 miles from landing aerial view of lower wailua,  sleepin' giant,  about 3 miles from landing
kauai marriot resort, average room per nite:  $279.00 a nite, through orbitz.  (this is the HIGHEST building on all kauai - 10 storeys HIGH)    10/25/07 weather station at kauai marriot resort.  actually, it wuz about 82f/27.8c -n- warm,  after swimming at kalapaki beach.    10/25/07 kauai marriot resort hotel in the moon-lite    10/27/07
BIG swimming pool at the kauai marriot resort,  kalapaki beach,  na-wili-wili,  kauai,  hawai'i    10/27/07  in front of the kwan yin statue,  kalapaki beach kauai marriot, then the kauai surf hotel, back in 1960,  kalapaki beach,  kauai
tip top cafe' -n- hotel:  $72.00 a nite on akahi st.   down-town lihue,  kauai,  hawai'i    10/27/07 aero-plane made outta' aluminum can.  lihue inter-national air-port.  ahukini, kauai    10/21/07 the new-ly renovated kauai palms hotel,  lower down-town lihue:  $65.00 a nite    10/26/07
motel lani:  $61.60 a nite, in lower down-town lihue  10/26/07 cat takeing a few at home #2, down-town lihue, kauai standing at mene-hune' fish-pond look-out,  niu-malu, kauai, hawai'i    10/25/07 
the "kauai state bird", in puhi,  kauai  (they grow wild all over the island)    10/21/07 standing at home d-pot parking lot,  puhi, kauai    10/21/07 standing next to family beach truck at home #2, down-town lihue,  kauai    10/22/07 
the kauai inn hotel:  about $100.00 a nite.   niu-malu,  kauai    10/25/07 in front of kauai sands hotel:  $106.00 a nite, through orbitz.   waipouli,  kauai    10/27/07 ridiing over the wailua river on the old cane haul road.  (it is soooo narrow, if you were drunk,  u'd NOT be able to go across the bridge with-out scrapeing both sides of car) 


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