home in kaneohe,  kawai-nui,  oahu   2008

 this is home #1, in kaneohe.   had to make several trips to the city  "dump" or kapa'a transfer station  out in kawainui, oahu,  which is about 6 or so miles from home.  also a few pictures of vintage cars from the annual kaneohe christmas parade.

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in front of home #1 in kaneohe, oahu, hawai'i  11/24/08 in front yard of home in kaneohe,  since it is so WET here,  every-thing grows good, includeing the mosquitoes. time for a massive clean-up here 
home in kaneohe.  it beenth here since 1948 red ginger flowers at home,  kaneohe,  oahu,  hawai'i    11/24/08  in-side the court-yard area at home,  near some cactus plants.
headed south on hwy #630,  mokapu blvd towards kailua.  the view of the ko'olau mountains -n- the hills of kawainui behind the swamp area    11/28/08  the kawainui road, which connects hwy #630 -n- hwy #61,  passing by the kawainui air-port -n- the kawainui dump.
the kapa'a transfer station  a.k.a.  "kawainui dump"  had to make 25+ trips here this winter to clean up house.  the entrance/guard shack to the dump.  this place is really a swamp-land,  infested with mosquitoes    11/28/08 a caterpillar 966a waste handler tractor. notice that it has solid rubber tires.  no need to worry about it ever becoming FLAT.    12/26/08
the main building of the kapa'a transfer station.  you dump your trash here, it gets truck'd to some other location appliance dumping ground.  if you got large stuff, it goes here.  kawai-nui,  oahu,  hi  castle junction:  where hwy #61 and #63 meet up.  heading towards down-town,  south-bound on the pali hwy.  hwy #61 that is.  mauna-wili, oahu,  hi    11/28/08
playing around with my new usb turn-table.  probably got around 500 old records sitting around the house.    01/09/09 a bird's  "i" view of the ion sub turn-table:  $94.00  (hi$) from the best buy store in aiea.  it actually works!  the view from near my house, looking south towards the ko'olau mountains on kam hwy (hwy #836).  the annual kaneohe christmas parade is in progress.    12/06/08
 2 riding a lawn-mower -n- a purple vintage car behind.  kam. hwy  kaneohe    12/06/08 lite blue vintage car cruisin' through the kaneohe christmas parade green vintage car crusin' through the kaneohe christmas parade    12/06/08
red -n- white vintage pick-up truck cruisin' in the kaneohe christmas parade   old black chevy cruisin' in the kaneohe christmas parade    12/06/08 the taco del mar corporate vehicle cruisin' through the kaneohe christmas parade 
a yellow ford t-bird cruisin' through the kaneohe christmas parade    12/06/08  a vintage fire-truck in the kaneohe christmas parade a blue vintage car in the kaneohe christmas parade    12/06/08


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