Kaneohe, Oahu, HI 2004  #1

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  Aerial view of ka'ena pt, north-west oahu, 10 minutes from landing in HNL  passing over ewa, oahu, 1 minute from landing in HNL - 05/07/04 sitting in hawai'ian air-lines

 watering the baby pine-apple plants at home, in kaneohe, oahu, HI   05/07/04

 fine-tooning a pagoda, in-side the central court-yard, home in kaneohe standing in front yard of kaneohe
hydrangeas -n- orchids, east side of house  east side of house looking north  can you find the NEMO?
east side of house looking south "old-man" cactus plant, I buy'd at the aloha stadium swap-meet back around 1981  pua-keni-keni flower -n- croutons behind,  front yard


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