Kalapaki, Kauai, HI 2004

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 Kalapaki beach, na-wili-wili, kauai, HI  02/03/04   Standing next to some red ginger plants at the kauai marriott hotel In the court-yard garden of the kauai marriott hotel
Takeing a break at the kauai marriott hotel on a HOT winter day:  80f/26.6c in the shade!  Out-side the kiele golf course in kalapaki by kuki'i pt. an "impossible" hole at the kiele golf course, near kuki'i pt.
The view of the kalapaki beach way behind  sitting by lake in-side the kauai marriott hotel  At the kauai marriott hotel, with kalapaki beach behind
Kuki'i pt.  behind the kiele golf course  Looking at ni-ni-ni lite-house from kuki'i pt.  Across the na-wili-wili bay.


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