inter-state  #280, ca  2006

the inter-state free-way #280 (scenic route) goes from san jose' to san francisco california

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 standing on the hill, of the ralph d. percival memorial vista point, over-looking inter-state #280  san carlos,  ca    06/06/06   a good view of inter-state #280 from the vista pt.  the free-way is wide open, even during middle of day.  upper crystal lake in back. ralph d. percival memorial vista point,  a high-way trooper killed in line of duty back in 1974
forget about campin' here after dark.  this place is CLOSED when sun-set is pau.  06/06/06   they only allow you to park here for a maximum of 6 hours  looks like I no can go beyond the fence.  it contains a bit of barbed wire.  that can become a painful experience.
takeing a break from driveing on the inter-state #280, going from sunny-vale to san francisco,  ca a view from the vista point, looking towards san jose' on a good day. am I going the wrong way or what?      san carlos,  ca  06/06/06
 north bound on inter-state #280 towards san francisco.  passing the town of san carlos,  ca  06/06/06 the free-way entrance to inter-state #280 the scenic route from san jose' to san francisco,  north bound, wide open!


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