honolulu -n- other oahu, hi  - winter 2007

scenes from the honolulu, kaneohe, other oahu, hawai'i area,  jan - feb 2007  

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eating the real hawai'ian food at home in kaneohe   top view of a good hawai'ian dinner.   kaneohe,  oahu,  HI   01/28/07  workin' on some computers at home in kaneohe,  oahu,  HI  02/12/07
haveing dinner with "uncle calvin" at the gyotaku japaneze restaraunt in waimalu, oahu,  HI 02/05/07  celebrateing another birth-day at home in kaneohe.  02/07/07   view of kaneohe from the like-like hwy  (hwy #63)  02/11/07
the H-3 free-way on approach to the tunnels on the haiku side  (wind-ward oahu)  02/04/07 south-bound on the H-3 free-way in halawa valley.   H-1 free-way west-bound.  traffic is real lite because it is super-bowl sunday   02/04/07
  H-1 + H-2 free-way sign  in waimalu, oahu,  HI    02/04/07   watching the super-bowl #41 at diane's house.  (the indy colts had winned that day)  waiau, oahu,  HI  02/04/07  the view of ala moana blvd from barnes -n- noble book-store.   kaka'ako,  oahu,  HI  02/01/07
 a view of the punch-bowl crater from a condoe in down-town honolulu  02/08/07    the queen mary 02 docked at the honolulu, harbour.  (more bigger then the rms titanic) WARNING!  sharp coral at the ala moana beach.  (this could give you puka feet)   02/06/07


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