honolulu, hi  - winter 2007

scenes from the honolulu, hawai'i area,  jan - feb 2007 in various areas with old friends. 

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makiki christian church, made with the japaneze temple design in 1932   south makiki, oahu,  HI   02/08/07   makiki christian church, located at pensacola st.  view of punch-bowl crater, from pacific heights, oahu.  a rainy day - 01/28/07
gas prices at the chevron at the corner of n. king st. and kalihi st.   kalihi, oahu,  HI    02/05/07  visiting brian -n- his mommy at thier home.   kalihi, oahu,  HI    sitting on railing by some old equipment at the dole pine-apple cannery.  iwilei, oahu,  HI  02/11/07
haveing a snack with ellie,  down-town honolulu    02/08/07 a good after-noon snack:  "poki" (hawaiian style RAW fish), musubi, 'tater chips    dale -n- jenny, reuben and his mommy, joni enjoying the pro-bowl block party in wakiki.  about 100,000 peoples were there.   02/09/07
  a very HIGH condoe tower in east kaka'ako, oahu,  HI  (you no want to know how much a unit costs there!)  takeing a break at the pro-bowl block party with reuben, his mommy, -n- joni.  waikiki, oahu,   HI  02/09/07  the official pro-bowl lantern in waikiki
holding a piece of "daikon", world's famous "zip pack"  $7.40 before taxes.  kapahulu, oahu,   HI   02/09/07     joni haveing a saimen, french fry's -n- a soda for a late nite snack. standing in food court of ward wear-house.   kaka'ako, oahu,  HI   02/01/07 


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