honolulu, hi   2006

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 view from the honolulu park towers, 35th floor looking towards punch-bowl crater.  down-town honolulu,   HI  02/12/06   view from the honolulu park towers, looking towards the nu'uanu valley,   HI view from the honolulu park towers, looking east-ward at diamond head, and waikiki  with the kukui plaza in front
a view of honolulu mauka,  pacific heights  02/12/06  haveing dinner with ellie at the famous "golden duck" chineze restaurant, lower makiki, honolulu,  HI  02/05/06  sitting in-side hot-tub/jacuzzi at  the honolulu park place towers.  the water is extremely  HOT: 105f/40.5c
 the l -n- l restaraunt sign at the ward wear-house, kaka'ako, honolulu,  HI  02/12/06 aloha tower market-place, kewalo, honolulu,   HI on a warm winter evening,  about 75f in the shade  01/31/06 ala moana beach on a warm winter day:  80f/26.6c.   since it is a monday, there is NO crowds here:  01/31/06 
 life-guard patrolling the ala moana beach:  01/30/06 the "new" beach car, runs great ..  b-b-but there is 1 little problema:  it is  RED !!!  pawa'a, honolulu,  HI  01/30/06  the gang at reuben's house, aina haina,   HI  02/11/06
ahi grade poke' for dinner (yellow fin tuna fish)  aina haina,  HI  02/11/06 playing the key-board piano at reuben's house  aina haina,   HI  02/11/06 standing in front of aloha tower market-place, alakea st.  down-town honolulu,  HI  02/20/06


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