Honolulu scenes  2005

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  celebrateing post super-bowl party at dale's house - 02/06/05  watering dale's plants more plants to water 

 eating the raw fish (poki) at dales house - super-bowl party

 a 3 week old puddy tat, at dales house  02/06/05 a HOT winter day at ko'olina beach park - 83f/28c in the shade. 
ko'olina lagoons resort area  1.25 miles to the next trash can?  faceing towards bar-ber's pt.  BIG rocks at the ko'olina lagoons beach park,  ko'olina, HI
ala moana beach on a crowded "el presidente's day" holiday - 02/21/05 ala moana beach -facing south  ala moana beach - faceing ewa (west)


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