Honolulu, Oahu, HI 2004  #2

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 Ala moana shopping centre view from the 3rd floor   Ala moana beach on a HOT winter day: 80f/26.6c   01/27/04 In front of home #1 in kaneohe, oahu, HI  01/29/04
 In-side the old bed-room at home in kaneohe with a P-1/166 mhz machine 


 The front yard of home in kaneohe  Eating PHO in the viet-nam hale' in kaimuki, HI
Next to ala moana river in ala moana park  Holding a smiley face thingy, at dale's home in ewa, oahu, HI  Holding a BIG stuffy panda bear  02/01/04
Final approach to the mile long H-3 tunnel, north halawa, HI Having dinner in punch-bowl, oahu, HI  02/07/04  celebrating another birth-day in punch-bowl  02/07/04


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