foster gardens - honolulu,  hi 2006

foster tropical botanical gardens, in down-town honolulu,  hi   07/13/06

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 the foster tropical botanical gardens is here, juss' north of down-town honolulu, oahu,  HI      giant plumeria trees on the out-side of the foster tropical botanical gardens  07/13/06 standing in-side gazebo at the foster tropical botanical gardens.  on vine-yard blvd,  hwy #98
standing next to a succulent type of plant, the leaves are thorny  enjoying the gardens,  the amazeing thing is,  I never got bitten by 1 'skitoe all the time I wuz there.   standing in front some hele-conia plants
looks like small palm trees looks like a giant taro leaf hanging air plants and orchids
ellie enjoying the foster gardens the place comes well equipped with the "holo-holo hale lua's" BIG tree at the foster garden wth a large grassy area   07/13/06
cannon-ball tree.  I no think the fruists is ebidle.  probably give yah a serious case of in-digestion getting more water from the RED wishin' well ellie -n- kimo enjoying a picnic at the foster gardens while listening to music there.


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