east-side, kauai  2006

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 the gate-way to the lihue inter-national air-port (they do have flites to -n- from canada)  02/18/06  hwy #56 bridge over the hanama'ulu valley  (I dunno why when thy builded this bridge in 1982, they only make it 2 lanes)  hanalei is still very far away:  24 miles/39 km's away.  wailua, kauai  02/18/06
 east bound on hwy #56, you can see the "king kong" profile on the mountains in the distance, by anahola  lihue bound traffic on hwy #56 is extremely heavy even on a saturday after-noon in front of life's treasures store in waipouli, kauai  02/18/06
kapa'a river - kapa'a, kauai looking across the main road, hwy #56 and 2 old rail-road bridges toward kapa'a beach  a blue building in kapa'a, kauai  02/18/06


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