columbia river swim, hood river  2008

 scenes from hood river, oregon  sept 01 - 02,  2008.   includes the columbia river swim,  tsuruta park,  the western aero-plane -n- auto museum,  in south hood river.

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the stern-wheeler boat, which will take us to the washington side of the columbia river.   at 0700, it is very COLD:  52f/11c    hood river,  oregon    09/01/08 ready to do the cross columbia river swim.  it is about 52f with a wind-chill factor of 40f.  the water temp is about 69f.  hood river,  or swimmers makeing it across the columbia river from washington to oregon,  1.1 miles/1.7 km's  (the conditions here wuz the worst in the last 30 years)  east hood river,  or    09/01/08 
the end of the swim, at the beach near the best western hood river hotel    09/01/08  retired rear admiral Horton Smith receiveing the award for the "oldest swimmer" to complete the event haveing lunch with retired read admiral Horton -n- his wife at the best western hotel hood river    09/01/08
warming up on a cool 62f day  (after the hood river swim) in front the hood river motel.  west hood river,  or   standing next to green hydrangeas behind the sun-set motel  green hydrangeas by the sun-set motel    09/01/08
standing on the front side of the sun-set motel, how convienient to have mc donalds across the street standing by pond in garden behind sun-set motel standing in-side garden, with a view of the west direction of the columbia river gorge.    09/01/08
white roses bloomin' in the sun-set motel garden standing in-side garden behind the sun-set motel,  west hood river,  or    09/01/08  the sun-set motel, where i'll be staying at for the 2 days in hood river.   west hood river,  oregon 
standing next to a wooden xiong-mao at the china gorge restaraunt.   east hood river,  or    09/01/08 a colurful tsuruta park sign,  near down-town hood river view from tsuruta park with mt adams in the far middle of picture:  12,276 ft high -n- 35 miles away from here 
standing next to hood river - tsuruta,  japan sister city program monument.  hood river,  oregon     standing in front of the western antique aero-plane -n- auto museum.   south hood river,  oregon    09/02/08 mt adams  12,279 ft high, view'd from south hood river.    40 miles away on a sunny day here.    
information of the arc search-lite -n- the power plant on the right.  waaam,  south hood river    09/02/08 60"/152 cm arc anti-air-craft search lite,  made in 1941  waaam,  south hood river  1936 plymouth coupe - 6cyclinder engine.   western antique aero-plane -n- auto museum.   09/02/08 
 a ford? waaam,  south hood river,  or    09/02/08 antique cars at the waaam,  south hood river,  or     standing in front some old cars.  waaam - yeah, they no make 'em like they used to!    
standing near the entrance to waaam, behind is a 1940 navy aero-plane,  and a 1935 ford. black nash  (i dunno what year it is)    09/02/08 the dash in-side the nash.   where is the air-conditioning,  cd player,  air bags,  gps?  waaam,  south hood river,  or 


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