Columbia river gorge  2005

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the renovated vista house, crow point, or  733 ft. above the columbia river     sitting in-side the vista house, 1st made in 1916,   07/06/05 looking east towards portland, from the vista house

standing next to nultnomah falls, (a lotta water becuase the 1st 1/2 of summer been WET!  

 standing on hwy #30, on the shepards dell bridge.  07/06/05  waste storage tanks near the vista house 
the shepard's dell bridge new the multnomah falls on the side of hwy #14, east of washougal, wa  11/21/05  east bound on hwy #14 near down-town washougal, wa 11/21/05
hwy #14 on the washington side of the columbia river on a very COLD day: 41f/5c    11/21/05 a view of the vista house from the washington side of the river  a very COLD -n- windy day up the columbia river gorge


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