Columbia River Gorge #2

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Multnomah falls in the winter-time - 11/29/03 Lower multnomah falls - 7500 gallons of water a second!  (I had ask 1 park ranger) Lunch-time at "canton wok", The dalles, OR  (U'll never leave that place hungery!)
 The fabulous Best western hotel, down-town "the dalles", OR Along US Hwy #197, dallesport, WA.  A cool day in "the dalles" metro area:  43F/6.1C down-town "the dalles" OR  2nd st. on a cool sunday mourning.
 Columbia discovery centre museum, west "the dalles" OR A shack in the columbia discovery centre  Along the historic US Hwy #30 The slow but scenic route
  A view of the city of Rowena, OR, looking east-ward  The columbia river near the city of Rowena, OR  West-bound on inter-state #84 near Hood river, OR  


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