bao-mo gardens,  south pan-yu,  china   2008

 this wuz a long 20 or so mile bus ride from north pan-yu that seemed to take for-ever to get there.  then it rained like hell while we were there, even though it wuz about 80f that day.

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xiong-mao, ge-ge (brother) -n- ba-ba (daddy) at the bao-mo garden entrance.  zi-ni, sha-wan, south pan-yu, guang-zhou, guang-dong, china    05/10/08  in front of a HIGH wall, bao mo gardens,  just before a BIG rain,  80f -n- cloudy a di-tu (map) of the lay-out of bao mo gardens.  
wall at bao mo gardens with carveings  a wall with chineze characters xiong-mao -n- family feeding the hungery koi fishy's near the entrance of bao mo gardens
feeding the many hungery koi fishy's  yu hen duo (many fishy's)  xiong-mao feeding the hungery koi fishy's
xiong-mao next to water-fall -n- mini pagoda  miniature water-fall at the bao mo gardens it is raining like hell now in bao mo gardens
"kung hee fat choy" from a smileing lao-shu, in-side a small restaraunt in bao mo gardens sitting with the xiong mao family for a short break -n- a snack a swimmable lake here at the bao mo gardens.  there wuz but 1 girl swimming around here today
 standing with the xiong-mao family next to a bridge stalagtites in bao mo gardens  (man-made)    a view of the garden from a 2nd floor building, yeah .. it is raining like hell!    05/10/08
xiong mao standing in front of gold kwan yin statue in the rain.  bao mo gardens    05/10/08 4 of us under 1 small umbrella  pagoda type building with a museum in-side, on a very rainy day
yo yong chir in bao mo gardens.  (yeah this is actually open for swimming!)    05/10/08  boating on the bao mo river system can be fun, even though it is raining arch-way under bridge
a rainy day at the bao mo gardens standing near an artificial cave with artificial stalagtites. lin-yu (showers) stalls for use by swimmers at the bao mo gardens    05/10/08 
with the xiong-mao family at the bao mo gardens  xiong-mao on the dian-wah, a usual sight where-ever we go! royal exhibit in a museum in-side bao mo gardens


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