eating the fun stuff in hai-zhu,  guang-zhou   2008

 how 'bout some eating adventures while in china?  some stuff there, no can find here in the usa.   just dont get too hungery looking at this stuff!  also with a few misc. pictures of guang-zhou 

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xiong-mao -n- former lao-shi (teacher) haveing a feast of grubbs -n- shui zhang lang (water cucu-racha) in a restaraunt in hai-zhu,  guang-zhou    05/05/08  sauteed "shui zhang lang" for dinner .. peel off wings, legs -n- chew on meat.  it taste like chicken! some fry'd grubbs,  silk-worms?  it tastes like beef.  in a restaraunt in hai-zhu,  guang-zhou    05/05/08   
the hungery xiong-mao ready to eat a grubb eating she' teng  (snake soup) .. it taste like pork -n- a water cucu-racha. she' teng  (snake soup)  it taste like pork, but with many tiny fish like bones
eating the left-overs:  chow fun chicken nooles with the water cucu-racha's -n- silky worms at home in pan-yu nan   05/06/08  eating the left overs the next day   the water beetles before being cooked
the snakes they use for cooking xiong-mao mama-san prepareing a nice BIG dinner  plenny of food here at mama-san's
xiong-mao haveing a little chocolate drink -n- a snack at the star-bux in tian'he',  guang-zhou    05/06/08 haveing a little snack at the star-bux.  the prices are about the SAME as u'd pay in the usa.  it ain't cheaper in china.    mosquitoes on a glass door at home in hua-hei gardens.  these buggah's are desperate -n- all over the city of guang-zhou    05/10/08
 the swimming pool  I frequented in guang-zhou.  it will now cost 12 kuai or $1.76 (usa$) to swim there each time. my favorite swimming pool.  xiao-yuan yo yong chir.  south hai-zhu,  guang-zhou      the lin-yu (showers) by the xiao-yuan yo yong chir. (swimming pool)
visiting bili's mommy on my LAST nite in china.  central hai-zhu,  guang-zhou    05/10/08  xiong-mao hen duo at a shang-dian in-side the guang-zhou bai-yun ai-port    the gates of the guang-zhou bai-yun inter-national air-port    05/11/08
the BIG nwa boeing 747 aero-plane in narita inter-national air-port.  NO, i didnt get to ride this 1 back to the usa. the vacation is almost pau.  reaching thy destination at pdx air-port very soon.    05/11/08 on a NWA boeing 777 aero-plane, bound from nrt (narita) to pdx (portland) 


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