summer palace, -n- other places in beijing

 scenes from  the summer palace,  by kunming lake in beijing.  1st built in 1750,  -n- re-built in 1886 -n- 1902 after being attacked in a few wars prior.  also, a few odds -n- ends from beijing/tianjin.

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standing in front of main gate of summer palace grounds,  it is cool -n- WET here,  about 68f in the shade.    05/03/08 standing next to dragon in the summer palace grounds gate-way of front entrance to the summer palace in bei-jing,  china
at the front entrance to the summer palace grounds xiong-mao in front of entrance to summer palace in bei-jing kunming lake at the summer palace grounds,  bei-jing,  china    05/03/08
summer palace on a hill,  by kunming lake, bei-jing,  china    05/03/08 standing on small bridge in summer palace grounds  xiong-mao on a small bridge in summer palace grounds
standing next to a "unesco" plaque in the summer palace.  (united nations educational, scientific -n- cultural organization) xiong-mao in front of a porous rock formation in-side the summer palace grounds  xiong-mao standing in red octagonal service entrance in-side summer palace grounds
standing next to kunming lake by the summer palace grounds on a cool, wet 68f day in bei-jing    05/03/08  standing in walk-way building with all kinda different shaped windows,  summer palace grounds walking around the summer, near lake
standing next to sign in summer palace.  does any-body know what it says? (i no can read chineze)  xiong-mao standing next to 1 of the unique windows on 1 of the walls in-side the summer palace 1 of the buildings in the summer palace
wierd looking building being made in bei-jing  sky-line of bei-jing under heavy smogged sky's    05/01/08 more HIGH buildings in bei-jing    
xiong-mao holding a bag of dry'd fish.  they also make good snax.  tian-jin,  china    05/04/08 xiong-mao holding a live fresh lobster in a c-food restaraunt in the tian-jin mall standing next to a toy shop in the tian-jin mall.  this looks like a lot of g.i. joe action figures
xiong-mao sitting on swinging chair in-side hotel lobby,  bei-jing,  china    05/03/08 standing next to a concrete da xiang (elephant) standing in between 2 statues in an out-door mall in tian-jin    05/04/08
xiong-mao standing out-side a shop in tian-jin out-door mall    05/04/08 xiong-mao standing next to a concrete da xiang (elephant) on the g-2 free-way headed back to tian-jin.  the sign says 84 km's (52 miles) to reach there


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