various places in beijing + prince gong's palace

  various places in beijing, includeing the water cube building used for the 2008 beijing olympics.  the prince gong's mansion is in central beijing,  made in the qing dynasty in 1777.

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standing in front of the "beijing bubble building",  which wuz used for the 2008 beijing olympics.  this is the CLOSEST we ever got to the 2008 summer olympics    05/02/08  off to the side of the ju-yong-guan great wall of china, under some severly smoggy sky's    05/02/08 a HOT -n- gao-xing xiong-mao on the bus,  after a short nap.  (the hike up the great wall will wear you out!)
xiong-mao -n- jane at the andy restaraunt in bei-jing, china    05/03/08 dual pay dian-wah booth in beijing,  china no can toot horns here,  near-by hotel in bei-jing
standing next to chineze pedi-cab,  near the prince gong's mansion museum,  bei-jing,  china xiong-mao drinking some kinda' "niu nai" mix near the prince gong mansion    05/03/08  standing next to 1 pomeranian puppy in a back alley
standing in front of old chineze building,  bei-jing,  china    05/03/08 xiong-mao enjoying the walk to the prince gong's mansion through the back alley's of bei-jing in a back alley of beijing, near the prince gong's mansion museum
sitting on swinging chair in hotel lobby,  spent 4 nites here.  bei-jing,  china  xiong-mao near a statue -n- water well in a back alley of bei-jing  (near prince gong's mansion) standing in a bei-jing parking lot with the xiong-mao mama-san in the back
di-tu (map) of the prince gong's mansion museum,  beijing,  china    05/03/08 gate-way at the prince gong's mansion  side view of the prince gong's mansion,  central bei-jing,  china    05/03/08
fish-pond in-side prince gong's mansion museum rock formation in-side prince gong's mansion the 2nd floor windows are all different,  each representings some-thing different
xiong-mao in front of the opera hall of the prince gong's mansion a quick 5 minute show at the prince gong's mansion. this guy is balanceing a vase of his head.  (his head has to be flat in order  to do this!)  xiong-mao enjoying the short opera show at the prince gong's mansion with "shang-wu cha"  (mourning tea)
standing in-side the rain @ prince gong's mansion.   bei-jing,  china    05/03/08  the flooring is carved out like a she' (snake),  i dunno why.  the tour guide wuz speaking in chineze. sitting down at the prince gong's mansion/palace.  it started to get very dark -n- it started raining -n- thundering
rock formations in-side the prince gong's palace grounds    05/03/08  in-side prince gong's mansion gardens in-side prince gong's mansion gardens,  during a BIG rain.   bei-jing,  china


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