temple of heaven,  beijing   2008

 pictures of temple of heaven, also made in 1420

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entrance to the "temple of heaven",  xuan-wu, bei-jing,  china    05/01/08
the temple of heaven. origonally made in 1420,  during the ming dynasty.  the emporers then would worship heaven to get some good crops  xiong-mao enjoying walking around the temple of heaven grounds.
in-side the heavenly centre stone, temple of heaven standing next to dragon's tail,  all made outta' flower plants. standing in front of the circuler building in-side "temple of heaven"
 round building in-side the temple of heaven, the top spike is made outta' GOLD.  i'd guess it would be hard to steal some-thing like that, being so HIGH.    05/01/08 information of the heavenly centre stone standing in front of wall, which has protrustions with puka's for drainage when it rains
the echo wall, -n- the information about it some nice looking trash cans in-side the "temple of heaven" another view of the round building with the gold cap on top.
musical notes embedded in-side a garden  cement carveing at the temple of heaven haveing fun at the temple of heaven    05/01/08
some-body is flying a RED kite on the park grounds   xiong-mao next to some huang hua weeds in-side the BIG round building at the "temple of heaven"  (it is cordoned off, so no can go in-side)
takeing a break after a long walk in the park.   no question where the toilet is today. you no can miss the "temple of heaven" here:  xuan-wu,  bei-jing,  china    05/01/08


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