tian-an-men square, forbidden city,  beijing   2008

 pictures of tiananmen square, forbidden city in beijing,  china  the forbidden city wuz 1st made in 1420, covers 179 acres.  the tiananmen square has the tomb-site of mao zedong.  (this page has 30 pictures)

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playing "chineze tourist" in tian-an-men square. standing in front of the zhang-yang-men building.  central beijing,  china    05/01/08 xiong-mao -n- mama-san in tian-an-men square, ready to start a very long day touring beijing.  its a cool 65f mourning here in beijing. "uncle mao's" (mao zedong) tomb.   his remains are in a crystal case in-side this building.   NO camera's allowed in here, so there is NO picture of what is in-side.
"ren hen duo", too many peoples here in tian-an-men square today, even MORE crowded then dizney-land!  central beijing standing in front of bei-jing's meeting hall, across the street from tian-an-men square the main entrance to the "forbidden city",  there is a picture of mao zedong in front.
standing near front entrance of forbidden city standing in front of main entrance to forbidden city standing with chineze army, near the forbidden city.    05/01/08
haveing a good time walkin' around the forbidden city.   it starting to get HOT here,  80f -n- sunny, under hazy sky's. xiong-mao standing next to a 300 year old fire-pot in-side the forbidden city.  (probably needed this to keep warm in the winter) in-side the forbidden city, which wuz the palace for 5 century's for the emporer of china during the ming to qing dynastys.
xiong-mao standing next to a BIG pot the forbidden city complex is very HUGE, with renovations -n- constructions going on here standing next to large doors with brass knobs.  (it muss' be a real job to keep these things polish'd!)
stone carveing ramp from 1 of the palace buildings in the forbidden city sign explaining the stone carveing on the floor in 1 of the large court-yards of the forbidden city,  central bei-jing,  china    05/01/08 
standing by old door-way of 1 of the buildings in the forbidden city  takeing a break from walking around the forbidden city.  the temperature has climbed to about 80f under hazy sky's now. checking to see how water comes out of this thing, in-side the forbidden city
the "dui xiu shan", hill of accumolated elegance.  the hill is about 10 metres high   more information about the "dui xiu shan" here, north side of the forbidden city tha's the end of the forbidden city tour,  getting ready to go eat lunch.    05/01/08
in-side a building of the forbidden city.  looks like a royal throne room eating 1 pop-sicle while in-side the forbidden city museum.  it wuz probably a good 82f out-side at this time in-side the "temple of heaven" round building.  but its roped off,  no-body can go in-side 
ceiling of 1 of the rooms in the palace of the forbidden city  those buildings behind look a little old (probably also made in 1420) needs a new paint job? xiong-mao mama-san enjoying the forbidden city


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