flite from guang-zhou to tian-jin,  china   2008

a few scenes of flying from guang-zhou baiyun  (can) to tian-jin (tsn) china

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an excited xiong-mao ready for a trip to bei-jing.  in-side the guang-zhou bai-yun inter-national feiji-chaang (air-port)    04/30/08   guang-zhou bai-yun inter-national air-port with a lotta' smog boarding the aero-plane in bai-yun inter-national air-port, en route to tian-jin.  xiong-mao mama-san on my left. 
  juss' ready to enter the aero-plane! a gao-xing (happy) xiong-mao ready to board the aero-plane in-side shen-zhen air-lines
shen-zhen airlines seat-covers  flyin' off in the sun-set,  moments after lift-off sun-set over china - headed north to tian-jin
a 3d model of the tian-jin inter-national air-port. gao-xing xiong-mao dao le tian-jin feiji-chaang!  finally here in tian-jin after a long 3 hour flite. juss' got here in tian-jin inter-national air-port
exit sign on the floor.  tian-jin inter-national air-port xiong-mao on the bus, bound for bei-jing, which is 60 miles or a 90 minute bus ride.  (yeah .. got into a couple traffic jams on the free-way @ mid-nite here!) the tian-jin air-port after landing at nite    04/30/08


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