various scenes from the guang-zhou area   2008

 various scenes from all over guang-zhou,  li-wan,  yue-xiu, pan-yu areas

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haveing dinner with xiong-mao -n- family -n- friends.  famous COLD ginger chicken restaraunt.  li-wan,  guang-zhou    04/27/08   aunty wang -n- aunty chan at the famous COLD ginger chicken restaraunt. xiong-mao in front of a salty water aquarium at the tao tao ju restaraunt.  li-wan, guang-zhou 
 sitting by the window display of the tao tao ju restaraunt    04/27/08 on the roof of the xiong-mao towne-house in hua-hei gardens.  the world's famour luo-xi bridge is visible behind in a blanket of smog. roof-top gardens next to the xiong-mao towne-house    04/27/08
the view from the roof-top of xiong-mao's town-house.  the SMOG on this day is bad enough,  not being able to see the bridge 1 mile away.  north pan-yu    04/27/08 hua-hei gardens where I'ma staying at: april 14 - may 11, 2008 as view'd from the luo-xi bridge. hangin' out at mc donalds for a late nite snack some-where in hai-zhu.    04/20/08
cruisin' around the xia-jiu lu shopping area.  always crowded here. li-wan, guang-zhou    04/22/08 the "ji-ren"  (chicken man) noticed that this is the SAME guy doing it 6 months ago!  li-wan, guang-zhou hanging out by the bronze sculptures that are all over the xia-jiu lu shopping area
open barber shop hear hua-hei gardens (xiong-mao towne-house area)  I'd dare NOT to have a hair-but here!    04/29/08 the "2 kuai store"  (tha's $0.30 usa$) some-thing like your doller store back home.  north pan-yu,  guang-zhou    04/23/08 arts -n- crafts exhibition going on @ the dong feng hotel
the gate-way to the "dong feng" hotel.  yue-xiu,  guang-zhou, china    04/28/08 HIGH buildings of yue-xiu,  the old xhen-hai tower is barely visible behind all these buildings a well land-scaped mini-garden in yue-xiu    04/28/08 
the front entrance to the dong feng hotel  standing in-side the court-yard of the dong feng hotel    04/28/08 garden -n- pond in front of the dong feng hotel


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