nan-yue king tomb-site museum,  guang-zhou,  china   2008

 went to the musuem of the mausoleum of the "nan-yue" king in yue-xiu,  which has the tomb-site tha's 2000 years old.  also cruisin' with xiong-mao daddy (who I refer as "papa-san") in li-wan.  04/26/08

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the "museum of the mausoleum of the nan-yue king"  cost 12 kuai to go see it (tha's $1.76 usa$)  yue-xiu, guang-zhou    04/26/08  standing in front of the museum  (it is about 1/4 mile away across the street from the yue-xiu park) admission prices to the "museum of the mausoleum of the nan-yue king" 
papa-san in-side the tomb-site (this is from the han dynasty:  206 b.c. to 24 a.d.) the outer covering of the "tomb of the nan-yue king"  (probably a good 2000 years old) standing in-side the tomb-site
 the main coffin.  after 2000 years, there wusnt much any-thing left in-side remains of a "zuo furen" or concubine.  nan-yue tomb-site museum walking around in the nan-yue tomb-site.  gotta' watch out for the low vertical clearance
di-tu (map) showing all the museum sites in guang-zhou.  there many of them chineze ceramic pillows from the 12 - 13th century a.d. papa-san enjoying the nan-yue tomb-site museum
looking across the street from the museum.   jie-fang bei road,  yue-xiu,  guang-zhou papa-san haveing a coffee @ star-bux in-side the china hotel (near-by the museum) haveing dinner with papa-san in the tao tao ju restaraunt in li-wan,  guang-zhou    04/26/08
the view from papa-san's window.  li-wan,  guang-zhou playin' around with papa-san's gadgets.  li-wan, guang-zhou    04/26/08 crankin' the generator, which is capable of puttin' out 1,000 volts.  'nuff to give you 1 nasty buzz!! 
papa-san's home made power supply  1 of papa-san's complex power supply's mo tou che'  (motor-cycle) made outta m-t coke cans.  beijing lu shopping area,  yue-xiu, guang-zhou    04/24/08


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