scenes from southern pan-yu, tian-he' guang-zhou    2008

 various pictures from southern pan-yu, xiong-mao wuz working in this area for a little bit,  this area is about 10 miles away from her home in northern pan-yu. her brother lives in the tian-he' area about 8 miles north of her home.

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me -n- the xiong-mao haveing lunch at the fld coffee shop southern pan-yu.   I'll guess its  about 10 miles from home.    04/18/08 celebrateing xiong-mao's 33rd birth-day,  fld coffee shop,  south pan-yu, guang-zhou, guang-dong,  china a gao-xing xiong-mao,  after haveing a good lnuch for her 33rd birth-day 
lunch at the fld coffee shop:  $3.20 -n- taste good.    04/18/08 there is NOT a shortage of houseing here in southern pan-yu fld  coffee shop in southern pan-yu.  good place for coffee -n- lunch.   no, it ain't really cheap here.
 a building in southern pan-yu on a HOT but cloudy 85f day   an office building in southern pan-yu  electric trans-mission tower in souther pan-yu
haveing lunch with the xiong-mao's former co-workers in southern-pan-yu    05/07/08 spicy szechuan food,  in a restaraunt in southern pan-yu yan-jing beer in a restaraunt in southern pan-yu
the "ge-ge", xiong-mao's older brother with his friend at some electronics shopping mall.  tian-he',  guang-zhou    04/20/08 a bus stop in tian-he',  guang-zhou. getting around in this city can be a challenge since almost every-thing is in chineze.    04/20/08 an in-complete building in tian-he', guang-zhou   (about 8 miles north of home)    04/20/08
on a pedestrian bridge, some-where in tian-he'    04/20/08 a buzy street in tina-he', guang-zhou on a sunday after-noon    04/20/08  in front of a large cement book.  xin-hua shu shang-dian,   tina-he'    04/20/08
the "ge-ge" + his friend in front of the BIG cement book.  xin-hua book-store.    tian-he'   diary queen in tian-he' standing in front of a big electronics -n- computer store.  some-thing like the fry's in the usa.   tian-he',  guang-zhou


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